Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Strung up, strung out for your love

Shorts c/o Style Moi // Top c/o Grayson // Vest- YRB Fashion // Boots - PacSun


Schools outttttttttttt  ✌ ☮ ...actually I've been relaxing at home for exactly a week now as you can probably tell from the familiar scenery and the rare smile I'm sporting in one of my photos because sleep has reentered my life. This past finals season was especially brutal and I can not express how happy I am to be rid of the stress I was consumed in last and 2 weeks ago. So lets see, what am I going to be up to this summer....I feel like this is going to be a pretty chill summer even though I should be prepping for senior year and the inevitable scary thought of finding a job *shudders*...orrrrr maybe I'll just think of those things in August haha. No actually right now the concrete things at the moment for this summer are continuing interning with Zara and starting an internship with my millinery professor. Oh! Speaking of Zara, guess what! I found out two weeks ago that besides the news of one of my designs making it to the stores, I also have the opportunity to go to Barcelona! The design firm that I'm doing the prints for have invited me to go to Barcelona and work with their team for a week in September! ahh like how is this real. For once in my life, I actually  won't mind getting through summer quickly so I can go on this trip haha. 
So yea I think thats what my summer entails and all the news I have for now. I know in my last post I said I'd share lookbook photos from my junior thesis in this post but obviously that didn't happen haha so next post it is! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We crave the fiction when we need the truth

Pants c/o Grayson // Top - Blue Plate // Shoes - BCBG


Hello, hello! I wish I could put a sobbing emoji here -->      because that would pretty much sum up last week, this week and next week. It's been rough, I still have my final critique for my junior thesis on Friday and several papers/essays to write for my liberal arts classes for my final week. Its weird because it feels like time is moving so quickly with the amount of work I need to accomplish, yet next Wednesday, when I'm finally free, can't come any quicker. 

But enough of school and the state of stress i'm in. I got super awesome news last week. I was informed that ONE OF MY PRINTS I DESIGNED FOR ZARA WAS PICKED UP AND WILL BE SOLD IN STORES IN THE FALL. *andcueextremehappydancing* I also did a print for Bershka that is being made into a sample, so who knows, I might have designs in two brands soon! :D Ahhhhh ok that is all. Now I must go back to doing school work *cryingemojihereagain*

Hope everyones having a good week and I'll talk to you guys soon! I'll probably share my lookbook for my junior thesis in the next post, so be prepared for that ;)