Tuesday, April 15, 2014

She’s out on a mission to love, wearing that heart right out on her sleeve

(Sorry about the iPhone pics! tried my best to edit them though!)

Hellooooo! How was everyone's weekend? I had a pretty hectic but amazing one! I helped dress at the Amsale show for Bridal Market aka Bridal Fashion Week (I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but thats where I intern). I helped dress for the 3 shows they had on Saturday and for the showings with the buyers on Sunday. This was the first time I've ever helped backstage at a fashion show and it was such an amazing experience! Amsale (fyi the designer's name) designed absolutely gorgeous dresses! To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of her dresses when I was initially looking at her pieces on the internet. But in person, the gowns are 10 times better! The pictures on WWD do not do them justice. I came to the conclusion that the camera just can't quite capture the essence of Amsale's design aesthetic. The airy, delicate and ultra feminine aesthetic her dresses contain just were not conveyed accurately in the press photos in my opinion. But yea, I pretty much fell in love with most of her dresses after seeing them in person, especially on the models. My favorite was definitely the dress in the first picture of this post. I got the chance to touch that dress throughout the day on Sunday when I was helping dress the model...oh my goodness the dress is just stunning. Its somewhat of a simple design and silhouette but the use of the organza gathered underneath the waistband and the delicate sheet of organza used for the train was just breathtaking! Seriously, how gorgeous is that gown! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Everything's white, but it's blacker than I know

Sweater c/o 6ks  / Skirt - Lookbook Store / Shoes c/o ShopLately
Hellooooooooooooo! Though it's getting warmer, I had to sneak in this lovely beaded sweater in before it gets too warm! I've been loving hand beading lately and I think I wanna throw some beading into my draping final. So switching topics, I'm thinking about going back to my contacts soon....possibly next week? I'm starting to get tired of my glasses and need some change. So probably, most likely, I'll be glasses-less next post? I hope you guys still recognize me....lol jk it's only been like half a year since I've donned these glasses. Though my roommate has gotten so used to my glasses that she thinks I look like a completely different person without them haha.