Saturday, March 28, 2015

Way Up, Where All Of The Sky Hangs

Vest c/o YRB Fashion // Dress c/o Style Moi


Please excuse the scribbles...unless you like the scribbles then awesome. I got a new drawing tablet to ease the process of photoshopping and illustrator-ing. Plus, I thought that I should really start taking care of my hands and wrist more to prevent getting arthritis as early as like next year haha. But yea this happened...all this scribble jazz. I'm not sure how I feel about it but hopefully they contribute to these pictures and not distract. 
Anyways, how is everyone? I'm like kind of getting to the finish line. Just a month and a half left of school and then summer/hopefully interning/starting to realize this is basically the last summer break of my life. It's starting to hit me hard that I'm venturing into my last year of school and I am that much closer to becoming an adult. I'm literally the person that just cried over Zayn leaving One Direction this past Wednesday...#noshame. So I feel like I still have a long ways to go. But anyways, summer is coming up so the real question is, does anyone have an awesome plans?? Let me know so I can plan out who's blogs I can live vicariously through this summer when I'm stuck at home haha.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hands To The Sky, I Am A Dreamer

Dress c/o eShakti // Necklace - ShopLately

I'm aliveeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hi guys! So February happened. The beginning of the semester got super crazy and school got the best of me. I was participating in a scholarship competition sponsored by Cotton Inc. in collaboration with Pratt students all of February. I made it to the round before the finals of the competition but sadly did not make it to the final round. So yea, I've been working hard on that and now that I'm out, I'm free as a bird....for like a week haha. I'm not doubting at all that work will pick up again very very soon. But on the brighter side, guess what!????!!!! I GOT AN INTERNSHIP WITH ZARA. Like what...I still can't believe it. It's a print design internship and the coolest part is that my prints could potentially make it on to some clothing and eventually make it to the stores! I'm super stoked! Yup, so that's what I've been up to this past month! I know I've been super inconsistent with the blog lately so I'm not going to make any promises. I seem to be breaking them a lot recently. So I will talk to you guys, hopefully, soon! :)